Managing Organizations in the Information Society

Managing Organizations in the Information Society

This publication presents the strategies for managing organizations in the information society. In the conditions of rapid changes in economic environment it is necessary to seek new opportunities for the organization’s development and improvement. The proven methods for ensuring sustained growth turn out to be ineffective in the new information society. Therefore it is important to adapt strategies of organizations to changing requirements and conditions.

The objective of this book is to present the theoretical and methodological concepts that could contribute to preparing and testing of new strategies for managing of organizations under conditions created by development of new information society. These concepts relate to various fields of activity carried out by companies, service providers, public administration, agencies and other institutions. Publication is composed of 9 chapters which present selected concepts and solutions in the area of strategic management as well as results of empirical research in this field of study.

Some of the chapters focus on methodological issues, while the others discuss the empirical aspects of the analysed problem. However, special attention is given to the strategies of managing various organisation in context of rapidly developing information society. The discussed concepts can be considered both by management theoreticians and practitioners working in different kinds of organizations, who strive to improve and develop their processes of strategic management.



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